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Welcome to our admission procedures

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How to apply

The admissions procedure at Bics is as follows:

  • You take a look at our website to get a feel of our school and whether it corresponds to your child’s needs.

  • You send a message to the following address: wavre@bicschool.be if you need more information. You may also already fill in the application form (see below) and send it back to us (it is necessary that we have the information sheet before we set up a visit).

  • After getting in touch with the admissions office, a meeting (in person or by phone if needed) is scheduled so that you have the opportunity to visit the school, meet the people in charge of the relevant sections, and know more about our program.

  • To get an admission after the school visit, you will be asked to fill in the official application form you will receive from the admissions office.

  • Please fill in the form and send it back to us.

  • If we have a place available right away and your child’s file is in order, you will receive the email of acceptance which will explain how to secure the place.


Registration fees for the 2022-2023 school year which begins in September.


For private registrations (charged to parents directly), these are the applicable fees :


  • Pre-primary   9400 € per annum


For professional registrations (charged to the parents’ company or institution), these are the applicable fees:


  • Pre-primary   15 400 € per annum



BNP Paribas Fortis

350, avenue d'Auderghem

1040 Etterbeek

IBAN:             BE19  0018  4374  8112




For all matters concerning payments, 

please contact the bursar at:  bursar@bicschool.be

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Admissions student age for school year 2021-2022