Bilingual Program from 3 years old

Bilingual School English- French


Safety First

Full reopening plans for this year, include a physically-distanced in-person learning model

Why BICS PRE-Primary


Our approach

Brussels International Catholic School is an independent school in the heart of Brussels situated behind the European Institutions.

Benefiting from newly renovated buildings, it seeks to combine academic excellence with a calm family environment.


You may find out more about our admissions procedure, fees and tuition.

Latest News

Our blog and our social networks will tell you about all information and activities.


Upcoming Events

For the parents

Find all the information you need about the BICS School Life:

  • School hours

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  • Lunch

  • After-school service


Art Gallery

Every 6 weeks, our teachers design fantastic decorations with the children to illustrate the programmes they teach.

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